[Mulligan] "Since you haven't [decided], would you let me remind you of a few things, just for you to consider?"

[Galt] "Go ahead."

"It's the chance dangers that I'm afraid of -- the senseless, unpredictable dangers of a world falling apart. Consider the physical risks of complex machinery in the hands of blind fools and fear-crazed cowards. Just think of their railroads -- you'd be taking a chance on some such horror as that Winston Tunnel Incident every time you stepped aboard a train -- and there will be more incidents of that kind, coming faster and faster. They'll reach the stage where no day will pass without a major wreck."

"I know it."

"And the same will be happening in every other industry, wherever machines are used -- the machines which they thought could replace our minds. Plane crashes, oil tank explosions, blast-furnace break-outs, high-tension wire electrocutions, subway cave-ins and trestle collapses -- they'll see them all. The very machines that had made their life so safe, will now make it a continuous peril."

"I know it."

"I know that you know it, but have you considered it in every specific detail? Have you allowed yourself to visual

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